To Twitter or not…

The life of a teacher is frenetic. Simply organising one’s classroom management is stressful without adding other activities. Joining Twitter is classes as an “other activity”. Like all new learning experiences it can be compelling and thereby energy sapping, in spite of the excitement of exploring and sharing links and ideas. So what about Twitter. It’s a great web tool. The possibilities are extensive and new ideas are added almost hourly. During the past few weeks I’ve picked up ideas that I will definitely be using. I’ve also signed up a couple of our learners for Around the World in 80 Schools project. We’re really looking forward to that!

The same teacher who is co-ordinating the 80 schools project has a fantastic blog with loads of information. Thank you Langwitches aka Silvia Tolisano for sharing so many links and ideas – via Twitter of course.

This week my grade 1 classes had great fun with Sebran software. This is a free download with activities for early learners. This was another idea I found through my Twitter friends. The photo in this post is of some of the learners in class today. This was just part of their lesson. The other half hour they drew pictures in Drawing for Children of the different uses of water. Most of them opted to use the motor car stamp and drew themselves washing the car – using the water saving bucket. So cute.

All these links seem just too good to be true. One problem – the school’s bandwidth and a need for more RAM on our server. When a whole group of learners try to access a website at the same time it’s very slow and frustrating. My school has come a long way technologically in the last three years. New PC’s, an internet connection, a data projector and the ability to Skype with other classes to name just some of the new technology. Online games is just the next hurdle to overcome, provided we can access the necessary funds. Keep dreaming…..

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